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What You Need To Know About Child Custody

Making decisions that revolve around your children must always be handled with the utmost care. When you are trying to determine what a child custody schedule may look like, it is important to have someone who will look out for your best interests. James V. Natale, Attorney at Law, has worked with clients throughout Pennsylvania for almost 10 years. You can expect straightforward, personalized service.

Finding Sound Solutions To Difficult Problems

Mr. Natale prides himself on being a one-man operation. This means that you are not handed off to another team member. Instead, he can devote all of his attention to his clients and their specific needs. When navigating a divorce, clients are often nervous about what will happen to their children. The goal is to find what makes the most sense for everyone involved. Whether it is a judge making the decision or you and your former partner make a schedule on your own, Mr. Natale is here to help.

Attorney Natale works tirelessly to make sure not only your best interests are protected, but your child’s best interests are, too. He listens to your concerns, answers your questions and communicates effectively. There are a number of ways to resolve this issue. For some couples, joint custody is the best option. For others, sole custody, where the child lives primarily with one parent, may be better. It all depends on your unique circumstances. Working with a skilled attorney is the best way to move forward.

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When making these difficult choices, it is crucial that you have the proper information. When it comes to family-related matters, Mr. Natale is here to provide you with just that. He is direct, yet compassionate. To schedule an initial consultation, call his office in Uniontown at 724-635-9121 today. You can also fill out his online contact form.