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Steps to take before initiating your divorce

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Divorce |

It takes a lot of effort and planning to get through a divorce, but the same is true for initiating one. When the cost of a divorce and wrack up a bill of several thousand dollars or more, anything you can do to benefit yourself is an advantage you cannot afford to miss out on. Here are five steps you take to prepare for divorce before anyone even files for divorce:

Collect documents

Proper documentation is a vital tool in a divorce, and it is also one that may be hard to come by if you are in the middle of your own divorce. Your spouse may act out of spite and keep you from collecting documents you need in your divorce, so be sure to collect them as soon as possible.

Open a P.O. Box

Getting mail from your attorney, personal paychecks, and even real estate companies can give away your position in your divorce if your spouse finds them in the mail. Open a post office box to collect your personal mail without worrying about who can get their hands on it.

Build your own credit

After a divorce, it can be hard to qualify for a home or car loan if you do not have any individual credit. Open a credit card in advance to begin building credit for yourself. The more time you can spend reliably paying off your credit card, the better your position will be when you separate from your spouse.

Get a solo bank account

Any money in a joint bank account during a divorce can come up for grabs during property division, regardless of how much your spouse put in there. If you plan on filing for divorce in the future, begin separating your income into a personal bank account.

Talk to an attorney

Pursing the best possible outcome in your divorce is not easy, but the experienced guidance of a divorce lawyer can make the difference you need in your divorce. No matter what your spouse tells you about how you can solve things without lawyers, do not make the mistake of settling things without experienced legal representation at your side.