Tackle your legal concerns head-on
with an experienced lawyer by your side.

A Tough Advocate On Your Side

There is no substitute for hard work and experience. If your attorney cares about getting you the results you deserve, you are halfway home. If your attorney has experience in cases like yours, working in the courts and with the people your case will involve, you have what you need to protect your rights. James V. Natale, Attorney at Law has been working in Southwestern Pennsylvania for years. From his office in Uniontown, he was helped countless clients with a range of legal issues, including:

  • Family law
  • Estate planning
  • Criminal defense

Personal Attention And Straightforward Advice

When you have a question for your lawyer, the last thing you feel like doing is wading through layers of receptionists, paralegals and other support staff. You want an answer backed by experience and legal know-how. That’s what you will get when you work with Mr. Natale. As his client, you will get his direct number. He will make every effort to answer your call right away. If he is unable to answer, he will get back to you quickly, and personally. You deserve nothing less from your legal counsel.

Handling Difficult And Delicate Legal Problems

Mr. Natale spent many years representing clients for the County. These cases often involved the most difficult circumstances and challenging issues. This experience has given Mr. Natale experience in areas not many attorneys get to see. He is not afraid to tackle any situation head-on.

A component of many family law and criminal defense cases is the need for discretion. Mr. Natale appreciates the importance of discretion and knows the best ways to protect it when possible. He makes every effort to remove some of the stress that goes along with legal problems.

James V. Natale